Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT)

This test is mostly required by American and Canadian higher education institutions for higher education in a college or university. This test assesses your English and Mathematics. Although this test is not required by the UK universities, it is considered in the assessment of your application for admission.

SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subjects Tests are conducted in different subjects  like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics 1 and 2, Biology, World History, and many languages. Two to Three subjects tests are normally required by some good universities. The main purpose of these subject tests is to check your abilities in the subjects required before your final results are released.


SAT  (Previously known as ‘SAT I: Reasoning Test’ or ‘SAT Reasoning Test’) 

The SAT is mostly required by the US and Canadian universities if you are going to apply to a university or college there. It is broadly divided into two sections. Evidence Based Reading and Writing section and Math section. The first section is further divided into Reading Test and Writing and Language Test. The second section of Math is divided into calculator based and without calculator sub-sections. The Evidence Based Reading and Writing and Math sections give you a score between 200 and 800 each which constitutes your score out of the total maximum score of 1600. The total time allotted for these three sections is 180 minutes.

There is another optional section of essay which is scored separately. It has 3 sections within itself: Reading, Analysis, and Writing. Each section gives a score from 2 to 8 separately. The time allotted for the essay is 50 minutes which is given at the end of the other three sections of the test.

SAT Subject Tests (Previously known as SAT II)

SAT Subject Tests are required by competitive universities to assess your abilities specially if you are applying for admission to them before your final exam results are released. SAT Subject Tests are offered in different subjects like Mathematics 1 and 2, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, World History etc. Most competitive universities require 2 to 3 subject tests according to your field of study. In addition to SAT, these subject tests evaluate your knowledge, understanding, and skills in particular subjects at deeper levels. Each subject test gives you a score between 200 and 800. Unlike in SAT, a fraction of a point is deducted for a wrong answer in Subject Tests and there is no deduction for a blank answer.

How we prepare you for the SAT & SAT Subject Tests

The SAT and SAT Subject Tests include English and Math and getting a good score in them is very challenging specially if you are applying to competitive universities or seeking a scholarship.

Whether it is  SAT or SAT Subject Test, we guide and help you according to your needs in the registration for the test, preparation for the test, and in forwarding your score to the required department.

In online classes, we prepare you on one-on-one basis at the ease of your home with saving your commuting time, hassle, and money. We have extensive experience of teaching SAT English and Math and different SAT Subject Tests at all levels with unique pedagogy which makes us stand out from the rest. We prioritize your needs and individual attention rather than bigger classes where you cannot get individual attention and hence, cannot improve your subject knowledge and the test taking skills that you specifically need.

We diagnose your overall English and Math problems and then take you hand in hand to improve your subjects. In English, we rigorously teach you English grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, organisation, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing skills, and your overall thought process. In Math, we take you from concepts through methods and patterns to practice. With us, you improve these skills fast and easily in a friendly environment with the most competent teachers for the purpose. Your future depends on your goal and your goal requires this test, so it is imperative that you choose the right course of study in your limited time.


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